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From 19TH July 2021 we will still require everyone using our service to wear a face covering and to sanitise when getting in and out of the car.

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This is the Privacy Policy of Stockport Car Scheme

NEWS: We thank the Mr Eyers for his donation of £28.00

NEWS: Client leaves £10,000 to us in her will

Stockport Car Scheme is a local registered charity for Stockport residents who struggle to use public transport. We have been running for over 25 years. We have volunteers who use their own cars to provide door to door assisted transport. All clients will be assessed on their suitability when registering.

Registered Charity No. 1091546

We ensure that all vehicles used are safe, legal and properly maintained, and that volunteers receive appropriate training and checks.

Please consider making a small donation to us – however small it is all appreciated.  Click Here if you wish to make a donation.

Our Major Aims:-

  • Helping you to get out and about and meet people.
  • Giving support to live independently


214,755 in previous 2  years

Volunteer Drivers Helping You

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